Art I’ve had commissioned, either for fanfiction/art or my own stories. I just really wanted someplace to show these beauties off. 💖
If I ever draw anything that can remotely be called art, I may include it. :P
For the fanart, the name of the character will come first, followed by the series. Plus whatever fanfic I've written featuring them.


Finch (IDIA series, by CB Cook)
(Fanfiction: Fanfic: FinchLight is Breaking)

Commissioned by James Art Ville


Eldon Rattlebag (Dead in Sleep)

Commissioned by Laura Hollingsworth

A City border guard, who frequently tries to get his fellows to "enjoy themselves" and "relax a little." Oftentimes his idea of "enjoyment" involves infiltrated Imp-controlled territory and/or experimenting with weapons. Loves to study enemy tactics and use them to the Human's advantage. Dreams of taming a vampire mount and wreaking havoc among the Imps. Adores stealth weapons, even though he doesn't entirely understand the concept of "stealth." Prejudiced against anyone who thinks they're more capable than he is (he has a list of things/people he's prejudiced against, but this is the main one).

Snippet: Her patrol partner—Eldon Rattlebag from the Outer Circle of the city—approached from behind. “You feel that? Infantry.”
A clear thought from the patrol leader condensed in everyone’s minds: Eldon, don’t even try.
“But, I want to—”
What you want is now what you need. You need to obey, you need to survive; you need to protect all those inside.
Fayte mentally recited the Battle Fog mantra with the others. Eldon’s flurry of thought calmed after the other’s. Before he entered the Battle Fog, he muttered, “And you need to d— your sorry hide.”

Commissioned by Laura Hollingsworth

Fayte Hargreave (Dead in Sleep)

Commissioned by Laura Hollingsworth
AboutWith a foretelling of death by sleep hanging over her head, Fayte does everything she can to get the most out of her waking hours. A member of the border patrol for her city, she's renowned for never slacking in her duty to protect, and for largely ignoring the city's caste system (this earns her both friends and enemies in good numbers). She loves her family and her city. Looks to the future as much as the present.

Snippet: [Forthcoming] 

Shania Darknoll (Dead in Sleep)

Commissioned by Laura Hollingsworth

AboutAn outgoing and sensible seamstress. Lost her mother to a fire, and as a result is somewhat shunned by her peers. Her father, despite his hard work and attempts to heal after the death of his wife, had to give Shania up for adoption. Shania does her best to honor her parent's sacrifices and ethics by aiding others. She uses her job as a seamstress to repair/give clothing to those in need.

Snippet: [Forthcoming]

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