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Renewal of Spirit: Progress Update!

I think I've finally gotten enough brainstorming and worldbuilding done to launch into an honest-to-goodness overhaul of this thing.
So, today I have for you a mock cover that I made to inspire myself a little while ago, the last version of the opening, and the reworked opening.
The previous version of the opening was drastically different. There was a prologue, told in a more omniscient/fairy-tale style POV (which is why it's in italics), and then the opening chapter was from the POV of the male MC.
The reworked opening jumps straight into the story, shows a bit of the worldbuilding that got me excited about this story in the first place, and starts from the POV of the female MC!


Opening 1:

There once was a Wind Child who coveted nearly everything she set her eyes on. From seed to blossom, if it belonged to another, Loredanna wished it for herself.
Her husband Lando had long since learned that absolutely no one could talk her out of something. So it was when she wished for tea made from the leaves of a Witch’s laburnum tree, and refused to give him any peace, that her husband snuck into the Witch’s garden. Carefully, he pinched off the glimmering ocher flowers and placed them in his pocket.
Three nights in a row he did this. Three nights in a row he brewed tea for his lovely Loredana. On the fourth, he came face to face with the resident Witch—Kamille.
The crooked woman glowered at him with her crooked face. She demanded to know what he was doing.
Knowing he had no excuse for the theft other than his own weakness towards his wife, he dropped to his knees and pleaded for mercy.
The Witch agreed, provided he allow her one thing: to be godmother to his child.
Having no child at the time, he confusedly agreed. In time, his wife had a child. She named him Notah, and bestowed many blessings upon him in the hopes that he would be able to ward off any attempts the Witch made to claim him.
The blessings did little to prevent the Witch from taking him. They did, however, give him some degree of power over the Witch. And so, she was unable to use him as she had originally wished: as a source of power to augment her own magic.
In an effort to weaken his blessings, she forced him to use them constantly. If anything, her efforts seemed to embolden him. He accomplished each task she set to him, from planting magic seeds to slaying monstrous, seven-headed Beasts.
Finally, she decided to send him to the abode of another Witch.
“Bring me a casket from my sister in the Valley of Scions,” she told him.
“I shall fetch the sandapile most festinately,” he jauntily replied. “So festinately shall I fetch it, your cebocephalic head will ache.”
With a flurry of angry notes from her flute, Kamille sent him on his way.

Opening 2:

Staccato drumbeats laced through the darkness. They cut through the groan of settling earth, called forth the beasts that slumbered beneath the surface.
In the midst of the music, Corinna ran. The darkness of the Settling was the best time to escape. When the broken earth reformed and healed, when the Witch Aranka busied herself with renewing her stronghold and corralling the monsters that were attracted to her corrupted Taide.
A hideous moan rumbled through the beat of the drums. The first of the monsters clawed upwards.
Corinna couldn’t see it, but she could feel it; close, not even a body’s length away, with dank breath and claws that scraped against the earth like iron against iron.
She kept running. She had to make it, before—
The music that had called up the monster caught her. The curse twined through her.
Swiping away her tears, she pulled against it. Her bones ached. The further she went, the worse it became: a scar wound down her arm; her leg bent; her arm shriveled.
Unable to continue, she collapsed. The curse pulled her back as surely as a chain about her neck.
From the darkness, Aranka’s fingers curled against her cheek. Her voice flat, she said, “How did you expect to leave without a means to fight me?”
A square box that Corinna had come to know well was pressed against her chest. Her kalimba. Her tuneless kalimba, for her rhythmless fingers.
She had thought that leaving it behind would finally give her the opportunity she needed; that leaving it would give Aranka one less thing to tie her curse to.
Corinna settled into the darkness and awaited the dawn, to see what new horrors Aranka would be harboring for the new world.

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Reblog- Specfaith: A Shadowy Argument for Christian Fiction, and Others

A Shadowy Argument for Christian FictionShadows cast by stories can sometimes obscure the truth, but can Christian fiction paradoxically illuminate through shadow?

Is Prayer in Fiction Fictional?What constitutes an unrealistic view of prayer in fiction?

Getting the Most out of ConferencesWhat an opportunity, then, for writers to pick the brains of these professionals at a conference, starting with a presentation—a pitch—of their own work. How else can writers find out if they have an idea that captures the interest of those who are experienced?

The first story that came to mind, in regards to the second article, was Failstate by John W. Otte.
It was action-packed, full of suspense, and the protagonist faced some tough decisions. All went well (for my reading, not the protagonist), until...
The prayer scene played to the "God of the Vending Machine" trope. It wasn't enough to totally ruin the book for me, but tears were shed. (And I'm upset enough that I haven't picked up the book for a re-read. It was an awesome story with unique use of powers, but the relationship between God and the protag was messed up.)
The protagonist doesn't really care about God. Until he's being pounded 6 feet into the floor, that is. Sure, in the course of the story he shot off a few "help please" prayers (who doesn't?), but he doesn't really "believe"/give much thought to God until he's given a deus ex machina. I mean, he made it this far "without help" (according to him, as literally none of his earlier pleas are answered in the positive); what's one more fight?
Maybe I'm due for a reread, since it has been a while since I read it, but every time I think about that prayer scene...okay, since I'm still dwelling on it years later, maybe it did ruin the book for me.
But, if that kind of thing doesn't bother you, you'll probably enjoy Failstate. It has a gripping story line and unique usage of powers. However, much of the story has a dark undertone. If you want a heavier (medium-weight? It wasn't nearly as dark as Reapers) read, definitely check it out.

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Camp Nano Wrimo, July

Alright, on to another Camp Nano session!

Since I've been slack on "Renewal of Spirit" rewrites, that's going to be my main focus. My other focus: a Western/Drama/possible Horror version either of or simply featuring some characters from "Trouble in Bookland."

Why? Because I was messing with some random generators one day, and came across a plot/blurb generator. It basically ripped off the opening paragraph of "The Hobbit," but it gave me some ideas. Plus, I want to try writing in a genre I don't normally write in. I'm hoping that working on "Renewal of Spirit" at the same time will curb the urge to make this new project a Fantasy endeavor. Though, I am going to try and work dragons into it somehow. Dragons must invade all genres. They're too wondrous not to.

Here's the blurb, with its horrid misuse of my lackadaisical adjectives:

In a house there lived a Fresh, icy Dragon named Linda S. Not a Fantastic Friendly, Devastating house, filled with Stones and a Rueful smell, nor yet an Illustrious, Mysterious, Reluctant house with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a Dragon-house, and that means housing.
One day, after a troubling visit from the Goblin Ethan Miles, Linda leaves her house and sets out in search of three Sylvan scrolls. A quest undertaken in the company of Elves, Bobcats and crumpled Humans.
In the search for the Goblin-guarded scrolls, Linda S surprises even herself with her Friendliness and skill as a Writer.
During her travels, Linda rescues a Pen, an heirloom belonging to Ethan. But when Ethan refuses to try Receiving, their friendship is over.
However, Ethan is wounded at the Battle of Five Armies and the two reconcile just before Linda engages in some serious Receiving.
Linda accepts one of the three Sylvan scrolls and returns home to her house a very wealthy Dragon.


I don't know why I chuckled about "crumpled humans" for more than five minutes, but I did. I don't know whether or not I'm going to try and make it a full-length novel story, or several short stories. Also, a vampire hobo may or may not make an appearance. He's been glowering at me for weeks, I'm just not sure how to fit him in.

So...onward, to a month of pantsing!

What are you working on this Nano? Editing/revising, writing a new story? I'd love to chat about your project!

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Reblog- Spec. Faith: The Quantum Mechanics God of Alternate Realities

The Quantum Mechanics God of Alternate RealitiesAre alternate universes fair game for Christian writers of speculative fiction? This post takes a look at why so many science fiction stories feature alternate realities based on quantum mechanics–and suggests ways a Christian worldview can be compatible with this kind of tale.

The author of this piece mentions that not nearly enough writers take advantage of making alternate versions of their own worlds. Kyle Robert Shultz immediately came to mind. He's an author that is doing a wonderful job in making full use of time travel, alternate/possible realities, and his oh so quirky characters! *plugplugplug*

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Be Wary of Strangers, Part 12

It has been brought to my attention that the “/” in the title “Loki/Thor” typically means a ship. I was unaware of this when I first started writing, so I apologize to any who may have been confused by this. I’m not a Thorki shipper, and this fanfic has none of that. I had been using the “/” to indicate that I’d be doing parts from both Loki’s and Thor’s POV.
On the plus side, I learned this shortly after I decided I wanted to make a banner for this mini-series. So I’ll be working on going back and changing the title/adding the banner/whatnot, and fixing any POV mistakes (I’ve noticed myself slipping into past tense a few times). The new title for this series is “Be Wary of Strangers.”
Also, the font I used for previous posts is not available on the version of Scrivener I’m using, so that’s going to change as well. :P


Part Twelve

Sharp, icy air drives the breath from his lungs, clings to him like a blanket. Thor struggles into a sitting position. He’s on a mountain range, surrounded by rocks and blocky trees laden in frost. Not snow; frost. Stars glint faintly overhead, covered in a thin haze. He sees no moon.
He laughs. “Did you trap us on Jotunheim, brother?”
A sharp wind, whisking away his laughter, is the only answer.
“Where am I?” He mutters to a pile of rocks vaguely reminiscent of a biped, trying to recall. “I remember doing this before. Waking, finding it hard to remember. Loki. He’s normally here. But whereis here? Not Asgard. Not after Hela” Memories begin flitting back into his mind, as difficult to grasp as an adolescent bilgesnipe. “Oh. Odin’s beard, I died.”
He stares numbly into the sky.  “Father? HeimHeimdal? Can you hear me?”
“Who’s Heimdal?”
Thor bolts to his feet. Someone stands behind him. Someone female. “I’m sorry, but I don’t quite recall
And then he did. Loki’s hirelings. The deaths. Feeding.
His eye widens. Before he can thunder out an apology—he hated not being in control of himself—the girl laughs. “Don’t apologize; it might get annoying if you keep doing it.”
Despite wearing nothing except Midgardian pajamas, she doesn’t seem cold. She skips through the snow to his side and hugs his arm. “I don’t want to get annoyed with you.”
She giggles oddly. Thor chuckles nervously. “Yes. Well.”
He’d been fighting someone. The realization came as suddenly as his memories. He glances down at his torn shirt, at the dried blood on his hands. But that’s old; crusting off, and not indicative of the fight he felt aching in his bones. “Would you happen to know who I fought?”
“Your brother.” She frowns. “You said you saved me.”
“Ah.” As he struggles to recall, Thor’s eye flicks every which way. Then he finds it. As surely as if the thing were standing in front of him, he finds it.
“Get inside. Please,” he says to the girl. She obeys without a word, heading inside the cave hidden among the rocks.
Thors fists clench. He begins striding down the mountain. To the empty air he shouts, “I know you’re there!”
The darkness in his mind coalesces. His senses sharpen to an unbearable degree.
From behind, a wry-sounding female voice says, “I can help, you know.”
Thor whirls on the newcomer. An outrageously tall woman, with dark green eyes and the bearing of a Valkyrie stands before him. He shakes his head. “I could swear that isn’t how you looked during our last encounter.”
She shrugs. “Accept my help, and things will go smoother.” She takes one step, another. The snow makes no sound beneath her feet. Her feet make no imprint upon it.
Thor backs away. “No! You drive me to madness—”
“As does your brother.”
“—and force me to do that which I have no wish to do!”
The woman tilts her head back, lips parted in a dry laugh. “Ah, you flatter me. But I have no power which you do not grant.”
“Then begone, foul creature of darkness!”
“But if you let me help, you’ll have time to mourn.” Her tone turns placating. “Don’t you want that?”
Wary, Thor’s eye narrows. “Mourn?”
“Yes. Everything. The loss of your home. Your friends.”
Pain tears through Thor’s skull. He screams, falls to his knees.
My people
Thor grits his teeth. The view of trees and rock blur before him. His vision tunnels until all he can see is a village. A village of giants, and beings made of fire.
Murderers. Demons.
Without realizing it, his voice and the voice of the woman speak in harmony. “And what better way to mourn than to destroy races responsible for death and destruction?”
With a yowl, Thor leaps. Lightning crackles through him. Like a demon himself, he flies through the air, heading towards the village.

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Flower of the Underworld: Review and Excerpt

Click to check out Hazel's Character Purgatory!

Welcome to day three of the blog tour for "The Flower of the Underworld"! Today, I'm showcasing a review and an excerpt. But first, an announcement for other events going on today/tonight:

Hazel will be hosting a live Q&A on her Instagram account on Thursday night (April 25th) from 8-9PM EST so get your questions ready for her! She will also be taking questions from Twitter for those who don’t have an Instagram account during the same time. Feel free to ask questions about Flower of the Underworld, or just writing and books in general, Hazel isn’t afraid to go off topic. If you’ll be asking questions on Twitter please make sure to @artfulscribbler with the hashtag #FlowerQ&A.

Click to get the Kindle version!
Now, onto the book itself:

Title: Flower of the Underworld
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Mythology Retelling

Synopsis: What happens when the Lord of the Dead accidently falls in love with the Goddess of Spring? 

Well, when there are brothers with crazy political agendas and overprotective mothers involved, a simple romance may not be as simple as it looks. Hades wants nothing more than to woo Persephone, but his fellow Olympians have other ideas. Zeus and Poseidon seem set on starting World War Three, Persephone’s mother wants her daughter to marry Ares, the insufferable God of War to make sure the earth doesn’t get destroyed in the process, and Hades is being pressured by his brothers to join in a fight he never wanted a part of. He’s definitely going to need some help with this one. Calling on his friends Hermes, Artemis, and Apollo, they do the only thing they can: kidnap Persephone themselves and team up to try and stop Zeus before his plans succeed. 

This modern retelling of Hades and Persephone is part romance, part political intrigue and guaranteed to be a version you’ve never heard before.



“Hello, brother,” I said.
He actually started, whipping around. The look on his face darkened and his upper lip lifted in a sneer. “Hades.”
“So,” I said, striding forward until it was only the desk that separated us. “You lied to me.”
“Can you blame me?” Zeus scoffed. “You with your righteous attitude, your pity toward the pitiful human maggots. Not that you agreed to help anyway.”
“So you were going to recruit my subjects and, what? Just assume that they would follow you and do your bidding?”
Zeus narrowed his eyes at me. “I have ways of making people cooperate. You know that.”
I snorted. “Yeah, I know how you work, Zeus. And I can’t say any of this is surprising to me. But I still stand where I did before. I’m not going to help you kill humans, but I can promise you that I will do everything I can to stop you.”
Zeus moved around the desk and chuckled. “Oh, little brother. How naïve you really are. You have spent so long locked away in the dark reaches of the Underworld, you just don’t know what it’s like up here anymore.”
“I know enough,” I said. “I know enough not to lump all the humans with the bad apples. I am the one who separates them after they die, after all. Those who deserve punishment get it, and those who lived good lives are given rest. Perhaps you need a little faith—and a little patience.” I saw his anger as I quoted his words to Ares earlier.
“I would be cautious, Hades, before I decide you are too much trouble,” Zeus said in a cold voice, his eyes steely grey. “There is room yet with the Titans in the deepest reaches of the Underworld and I doubt they would be happy with the god who has been their jailor, keeping them locked away for so long.”
I smiled, anything but intimidated. “Get rid of me if you dare. But what do you think will happen if I’m no longer in charge down there? If you want to deal with the dead walking the earth, then be my guest, but I’m thinking that might put a damper on your plans.”
Zeus’s fist clenched in pent up anger, and his jaw ticked.
“And remember,” I added. “Every soul that dies comes to me. Whatever you do, I’ll know about it. You can’t hide it from me.” I turned toward the door. “And I would be careful with your ‘alternate methods’ if I were you. You don’t want this to turn into another Typhus incident. I don’t think you want that many monsters, do you?”
Zeus’ face twitched and I knew I had struck a nerve.

I slipped out of the room just as I heard something crash against the door behind me, accompanied by Zeus’s cry of rage. Never was one to keep his cool for long, my brother.


Oh my word, what a wonderful blend of familial relations (both the good and the bad), epic mythos, and sass.

The thing I loved most about this was the characters. All of them have their quirks, and everyone has a modern twist. For example: Artemis is a Dungeon Master! I don't know why I find this so funny/interesting, but I do and I love her. Also, Hades' workload is more like that of a desk job than anything (papers to sign, people to shuffle around, etc.).

There were lots of funny moments, with wry/sarcastic characters (mostly Hades, but Apollo can contest in the sarcasm/bluff department), lovable characters (Persephone is so darn sweet, and Hermes is a wonderful--if sometimes overbearing--best friend) and straight up embarrassing situations (non spoilery example: bumping into two womanizing friends while out on a sort-of-kind-of-date. And them trying to be "helpful").

For those wondering how the world compares to the Percy Jackson series: aside from the presence of the Greek gods, it really doesn't. The world setup is different, with the existence of gods/goddesses being out in the open, for one. Also, Hades isn't as sarcastic a narrator as Percy. Hades is more wry than anything, able to notice the juxtaposition of foibles and strengths of character and situation.

Magic (if you want to call it that?) seems to be innate to the gods, and each has abilities according to whatever their job is. Hermes can travel super fast, Persephone nurtures plants, Hades can shadow travel, etc.
In accordance with the modern setting of the story, they're presented more like super-powers than anything.

I'd love to get into all the little things and favorite scenes that made this book work so well, but there'd be too many spoilers!

Suffice it to say, if you like old legends with a modern twist, you'll enjoy this story.


Don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway, and be sure to add this to your to-read shelf!

Purchase Links:

Amazon Paperback: under review

Author links:

About the Author: Hazel B. West is the author of several novels including historical titles like On a Foreign FieldBy Blood or By BondWolfsblood, a book about werewolves in Roman Britain and the Modern Tales of Na Fianna series, which feature modern Irish warriors with swords and fast sports cars and lots of faeries.

As to what she prefers to consume (aside from bacon and coffee) she can often be found with her nose in dusty tomes about mythology and folklore, serial killers, and other dark and gruesome things. She has an almost unhealthy penchant for stories about siblings, particularly brothers, and you can probably win her over by alerting her to any books or shows that feature this. She is a true book dragon and has a lovely hoard of books (and Pop Figures). When she's not writing, she's probably still being antisocial, reading books, drawing, or binge-watching the same shows over and over because there's nothing else quite like Supernatural and Merlin. She also likes to listen to music because, who doesn't? Hazel's particularly fond of modern folk and classic rock, which is usually what makes up the majority of her book playlists.

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Flower of the Underworld: Character Interview

 Click to check out Hazel's Character Purgatory!

Welcome to day one of the blog tour for "The Flower of the Underworld!" There's lots of fun stuff planned, including a live Q&A with the author later this week!

Today, I have the pleasure of interviewing a handful of characters from this book: Hades, Persephone, Dionysus, and the siblings Artemis and Apollo!
This interview will be spoiler-free, and give you a glimpse at the types of characters you'll be involving yourself with should you pick up this book. :D

We'll start with Persephone, goddess of Spring and daughter of Demeter. Would your powers be able to grow foliage in a desert area? Or is that more of Demeter’s shtick?

Persephone: Creating things is more my mother’s thing. However, if there was already foliage growing in the desert then I would probably be able to make it flourish more.

I've always wondered: do trees mind being climbed?

Persephone: Not at all! As long as you are respectful and treat them kindly. They do not like to be married to people trying to prove a point, however. I also have to say that trees do not at all mind being turned into books. They find it quite an honor.

What’s something that makes you gush (babies, new plants, Hallmark movies, etc.)?

Persephone: Well, of course I love plants, and seedlings are just so adorable! But I also will say that I really love puppies and kittens!

What’s Hades’ most annoying habit?

Persephone: Oh, well, I wouldn’t say he has a truly annoying habit, but sometimes I do think he gets too involved in his work. He’ll go for hours and not notice the time. I’m not sure it’s entirely healthy.
Now, to the Lord of the Dead: Hades, brother to Zeus and Poseidon! What’s Persephone’s most annoying habit? (Does she even have any?)

Hades: Annoying habits? I can’t really name any. Obviously I haven’t known her very long, but…I kind of feel like she’s perfect. Is that too sappy?

No, not at...well, a little. But a wonderful kind of sappy. Is there anything you wish you knew more about?

Hades: Well, I think being the Lord of the Dead makes you a very world-weary person. There’s not a lot I don’t know about. There’s a lot I wish I didn’t know about. I suppose sometimes I wish I had a better grasp of politics so I could pull one over on my brothers and the other Olympians, but I think that’s more because I simply hate politics than my lack of study in the topic.

What’s the weirdest piece of information given to you by the recently deceased?

Hades: I hear a lot of weird information. Shades don’t have much in the way of coherent speech a lot of times, but on occasion I can get something out of them. One fellow tried to convince me that a theme park was on its way to taking over the world. I don’t really buy it, especially since they will have to compete with my brother Zeus.

A theme park? Well, I guess I could see Disney parks doing that, if we want to get all conspiratorial, or if the machines somehow got taken over by rogue AI like in a sci-fi show. Continuing with the oddity of humanity, how often do the dead tell you that they’re “not supposed to be here”?

Hades: Oh, all the time. Humans typically don’t take death very well.

Is there anything you hope never changes?

Hades: Being immortal, I’ve seen a lot of changes, but I do really hope that the Underworld will always be a place I can go to relax and stay out of the issues everyone else seems to have.

Thank you, Hades! Onto Dionysus, god of wine and parties. Which of the Big Three is your favorite? (I’m fairly certain you won’t suffer repercussions for answering, as Hades is the only one here and I’m 99% sure you’re not picking him. I’m also 99% sure he wouldn’t be offended if you didn’t.)

Dionysus: Well, to be fair, I would rather be around most anyone else. But I suppose if I had to choose, Poseidon does throw the best parties.

What holiday is your favorite?

Dionysus: Mardi Gras of course, darling! A fantastic celebration that we Olympians sadly had nothing to do with!

Are there any odd human fads that you don’t understand?

Dionysus: Oh, humans are always coming up with the most amusing things! I rather love embracing all of them. Social Media is a fantastic invention, isn’t it? One cannot post too many selfies. I suppose I still don’t truly understand “vaping” though.

Yeah, neither do I. Have you ever done something amazing that no one was around to see?

Dionysus: Ooh too many times, unfortunately. Either that or everyone around was too drunk to remember. But such is life, I suppose.

Now, last but not least, the twins Artemis (goddess of the Hunt) and Apollo (rock god)! This is the first story I've come across where Artemis plays roleplay games. Specifically, Dungeons&Dragons. So, tell me about your D&D character/play style!

Artemis: Well, I’m the dungeon master, of course, but when I do play as a character, I’m usually a huntress just like in real life.

Apollo: Except she likes to woo the lads. Which she cannot do in real life.

Artemis: Shut up. Typically, we like to change up the play style depending on the day and who we’re playing with. I prefer long campaigns, but not everyone has the patience for that.

Has Apollo played D&D (if not, why)?

Apollo: Of course! I play a very brave mage who is very powerful and gets all the ladies.

Artemis: *eye-roll*

What's the most ridiculous argument you two have gotten into recently?

Artemis: When are we not getting into ridiculous arguments? I think the most recent may have had something to do with guitar strings.

Apollo: Which you still have not apologized for.

Artemis: Because it wasn’t me.

Is there any instrument you can’t play?

Apollo: I assume this is for me because my dear sister can’t play anything to save her life. And the answer is no. I’m naturally gifted.

Artemis: *snorts* That’s one word for it.

What’s one thing that people usually assume you have in common/like/hate the same, but you actually don’t?

Artemis: I think one of the main misconceptions is that everyone seems to think I’m good at music, and Apollo is good at hunting. Neither of which are true.

What is your favorite weapon (say damage done, or aesthetics) vs. weapon of choice (either in real life, or D&D)?

Artemis: Real life I will always go with my bow, but a good dagger is also handy. In D&D, always double swords.

Apollo: My bow or my charming good looks. 

Ahaha, I figured.
Many thanks to characters and author both for this interview! 

Check out the rest of the tour schedule below, and be sure to enter the rafflecopter giveaway for a signed copy of "The Flower of the Underworld"!

Tour Schedule
Feature and Excerpt at Not Unworthy

(Day Three-April 25th)

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Reblog- Dreams and Dragons: Camp NaNoWriMo Encouragement

Dreams and Dragons: Camp NaNoWriMo Encouragement: Hello, friends! In case you haven't noticed, the month of March is almost over, and April is almost here. And that means . . . you know ...

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Fairest Son by Hannah Williams: Giveaway

Hannah Williams is having a giveaway for her book, Fairest Son! Click the link to head to her blog, and the post about the giveaway.
She has a bunch of other cool posts and book reviews on her blog; it's worth a read-through.

A bit about the book:

Click to head to Amazon!

Blurb from Amazon:

The Fair and Foul courts of the fey folk have long yearned for one to bring them together in peace, but hopes are dashed when the fairest prince and the prophecy concerning him are laid to ruin. Burdened with shame and sorrow, the prince flees to the cold mountains far above the forests and lochs with nothing but animals and goblins for company.
When a human huntress stumbles upon him in her search for a legendary predator, their fates are intertwined. But she hides deadly secrets, and if he dares to trust her, he may risk the doom of both courts to an ancient evil...
A Novella Retelling of Snow White

I've been wanting to get a copy of this for a while (I want a physical copy, it's so pretty and I've been dying to read some of her writing since I first heard about Moonscript), but I haven't had to put in any physical book orders recently. :(

So this is a Rafflecopter giveaway, and open for a few more days. Click the link and enter the giveaway! (Or you know, don't, so I have a better chance at winning... ;P)

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Rapunzel Retelling: Renewal of Spirit

Just a quick update on the status of this story:

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get it done in time for the Arista Challenge. February was way busier than I thought it would be.
Thankfully, I’m almost done now. I’m still planning on publishing it, and I’d like to try out a GiraffeCraft critique, but I’ll probably wait to submit it until Kendra’s a little less busy. Don’t want to overwhelm her, what with her likely being in the middle of arranging things for said Arista Challenge. 💗

The story has gone through a couple of drafts plot-wise (and organization-wise), but I’m still not happy with it prose-wise. I wanted to focus more on describing the music, and the effects it has in this world (it’s basically the way magic works). However, I’m having a hard time deciding where to put these descriptions in (sometimes it’s obvious, and I’ve put that in). So I’m going to leave it somewhat bare, and ask my betas where they think it should go/would like a little more description.

Currently, I’m working on the last quarter-ish of the story. Progress is slightly stalled, as some changes I made in the last few scenes wrecked my plans for this section. I think I have them worked out; here’s hoping I can sit down at the computer tomorrow and hammer them out. :D