Sunday, July 21, 2019

Something Artsy

This isn’t something I normally post about, but I want to show off a couple of painting projects that I did with my family this weekend!
But first, a plug for the site I used:
Looking for a site that has tutorials for easy-to-do paint projects? Check out Step by Step Painting! The paintings are easy to do, either alone or in a group (it's more fun in a group), and have nice designs. Their color schemes are also easy to alter.
Take, for example, the project Owl Silhouette Moon. It has a Halloween vibe, with a ring of red, orange, and yellow around the moon. Since it's summer, we wanted to do something without autumn colors. We changed the color of the ring around the moon to purple, and made the leaves green. Here are a few examples of how they turned out:

Age 12

Age 14

Age 21

The other project we did was Cherry Blossom. The original purple ring around the moon was nice, but we'd just done that with the owl. So, we swapped out the purple for turquoise/light blue. There were more variations made on this one than on the owl one. Examples:

Age 16 (I love the blending,
and the extra starbursts)

Age 17 (the background on
this is black, and
there are koi fish in the moon)

Age 14 (this one has an extra ring of
color on the edge; black)

How's your summer going? Have you done any fun art projects, gone on any trips, read any books that you're dying to recommend?
Let me know in the comments!

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